Gisele Bundchen’s son wants charity donations instead of gifts for his birthday

Gisele Bundchen’s son wants charity donations instead of gifts for his birthday.
The supermodel has revealed Benjamin Rein, now 10, has been requesting his pals donate to those who help endangered species in lieu of bringing him presents to his birthday parties after seeing how much plastic is in the ocean.
She said: “One story that I can remember is when we were at the beach and my son Benny found plastic in the ocean. He was so upset, and I explained to him that this is what happens after we discard things; they go to landfills and sometimes end up in the ocean. For the past couple of years, he decided that he did not want presents from his friends at his birthday party. Instead, he would like if they could donate to organisations that help endangered species.”And the 39-year-old star – who also has daughter Vivian Lake, seven, with her husband Tom Brady as well as being step mom to Tom’s son John ‘Jack’ Edward Thomas, 12 – says all the family are getting involved in helping the environment.
She added to the April issue of Marie Claire magazine: “As a family, we also each have our reusable water bottles, and the kids understand single-use plastic is really hurting our planet. I see them talking with their friends about it and showing them their water bottles in hopes they might join them and use them too.”It makes me so proud to see them eager to share it with their friends. Although a simple, small gesture, this is what it’s all about: having positive conversations, taking a solutions-oriented approach, and learning from one another.”


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