Alesha Dixon gets bored quickly

Alesha Dixon gets “bored quite easily”.
The 40-year-old star enjoys her various jobs, including being a judge on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and hosting podcast ‘Wear It’s At’ because they bring variety to her life, which keeps her interested and engaged.
She said: “No day is the same. And I think that really suits me because I’m the type of person that can get bored quite easily and the fact that I can do different things every day is what keeps my life really interesting.”
The ‘Lipstick’ singer – who has five-year-old daughter Azura with her partner Azuka Ononye and is pregnant with the couple’s second child – often has to travel for work and though she appreciates the “treat and luxury” of staying in nice hotels, there’s no place like home for Alesha.
She told Britain’s Grazia magazine: “I’m a good sleeper if I’m in my own bed.
“As much as staying in hotels is a treat and a luxury, there’s no bed like your own.
“When I’m away I feel restless.
“So, my first choice will always be my bed and if I had the choice I’d want to stay with my family…
“Home is Hertfordshire. I’d say my favourite thing about living there is the fact that I’m surrounded by a lot of countryside.
“I’ve got four dogs so we go out on walks and I love being around nature.
“Obviously I’ve been very fortunate to work around the world but there’s no place like home. It’s lovely to come back to the peace and quiet.”
After a long day working on ‘BGT’, it can take Alesha a long time before she’s home and settled.
She said: “After a live show, I take my make-up off, change my outfit and let my hair down.
“So by the time I get home, probably around midnight, I’ll make myself a snack.
“I end up eating at some really weird hours.”




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