Pitbull wants to motivate young people

ICONINSIDER — Pitbull wants to help “motivate” young people.
The ‘Timber’ hitmaker wants to be able to make that “small tweak” in someone’s life to stop them getting in trouble or help them carve out a better path in their life.
He said: “It’s important to motivate youth. A small tweak in someone’s life can change them from getting into trouble to getting accepted into college.
“Kids and teens are like sponges. We can help to mold them positively, to help them understand that there’s only winning, no losing. Life isn’t easy, but if they fall down they’ll be stronger when they get back up.”
And the 36-year-old rapper is grateful to have met his high school drama teacher Hope Martinez, who encouraged him into following his musical dream.
He added to People Chica: “My drama teacher Hope Martinez saw talent in me when everyone else didn’t. Hope helped me find my own talent which was music.”
Meanwhile, Pitbull previously admitted he didn’t worry about losing credibility when he switched from rap to pop.
He said: “People thought it would take away from my credibility, but if you’re worried about your credibility, you were never credible in the first place. It created new fans, it created a whole new genre of music.
“The things I was seeing on the streets, I was painting in my records. Everyone was doing the same hustle. I had to find something different.”

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