Thierry Mugler hails his fashion house ‘a miracle’

ICONINSIDER — Thierry Mugler has hailed his fashion house “a miracle”.
The 68-year-old fashion designer – who founded his eponymous label in 1974, which he stepped down from in 2003 – is proud he turned his company into a “global brand” on a very small budget, and he is honoured he has been able to work with celebrity legends throughout her career.
Speaking to, he said: “The house of Mugler was a miracle, because we did it without much money. I built a global brand, and we did things that inspired so many people. I’m proud to have helped some amazing people express themselves in new ways.
“Yes, and I’m very proud of – what can I call it? – the science that we put into fashion. That special body-conscious cut that influenced the whole fashion world. Also, the idea of mixing arts on anything – on shoes, on objects, on accessories – this still inspires people.
“What I appreciate most in the world is to have met and befriended incredible geniuses, like David Bowie and Cyd Charisse and Celia Cruz, who was the goddess of salsa. I saw people kneeling on the streets for her. Which they did for me in Japan. That was really embarrassing.”
And the French creative mastermind believes the fashion industry “need [him] badly” to return to the business.
He said: “I think they need me badly. I think now it’s the money who tells the artist what to do–it’s not the artist who tells the money what to do. And things move very fast, which is hard, because sometimes you need more time to be creative. I guess no one has a loud mouth like I did. They don’t dare to scream loudly what they think. But you can’t take fashion too seriously.”
Though Thierry stepped down from designing almost 15 years ago he is still involved with his beauty line, and is set to release a new fragrance names Aura next year.
He said: “Fashion is beautiful, 3-D art on a human being. But it wasn’t enough, which is why I went on to create in other ways. For me, it wasn’t the right tool anymore. But perfume still interests me.”

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