Liam Gallagher not Outta Time for Oasis hits

ICONINSIDER — Liam Gallagher has played one of his few self-penned Oasis songs for the first time live since the band split in 2009.
Despite being the frontman in the Britpop group, Liam’s brother and now bitter rival Noel Gallagher – who broke the band up when he decided to quit – wrote the majority of their tracks.
But whilst performing his solo show at the SSE Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on Monday night (30.10.17), halfway through the set Liam treated fans to ‘I’m Outta Time’, the track he wrote for their seventh and final studio album ‘Dig Out Your Soul’, released in October 2008.
The ‘Wall of Glass’ hitmaker also gave Oasis’ debut single ‘Supersonic’ from 1994’s ‘Definitely Maybe’ its first spin on his own with the song last performed live acoustically by Noel back in 2013.
On Sunday (29.10.17), Liam added Oasis hits ‘Some Might Say’ and ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’ to his solo repertoire.
Liam hadn’t sung ‘Some Might Say’, their first UK number one single from their second studio album 1995’s ‘What’s the Story (Morning Glory?)’, live since 2002.
The 45-year-old musician has also added solo song ‘Come Back to Me’ – from his chart-topping album ‘As You Were’ – to his setlist.
Liam wrote a total of 10 album tracks in Oasis, including hit single ‘Songbird’ and fan favourite ‘The Meaning of Soul’. He also contributed a number of B-sides and bonus tracks including rarity ‘Boy With The Blues’.
Liam Gallagher’s Belfast setlist was as follows:
‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Star’ (Oasis song)
‘Morning Glory’ (Oasis song)
‘Greedy Soul’
‘Wall of Glass’
‘For What It’s Worth’
‘Paper Crown’
‘Some Might Say’ (Oasis song)
‘Slide Away’ (Oasis song)
‘I’m Outta Time’ (Oasis song)
‘Come Back to Me’
‘You Better Run’
‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’ (Oasis song)
‘Be Here Now’ (Oasis song)
‘Supersonic’ (Oasis song)
‘I’ve All I Need’
‘Live Forever’ (Oasis song)

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