Georgia Kousoulou doesn’t want kids

ICONINSIDER — Georgia Kousoulou doesn’t want a baby.
The ‘Only Way is Essex’ star has been with her partner Tommy Mallet for over three years but she has admitted she doesn’t know whether she wants to get married and start a family with him because she’s terrified after watching her parents divorce.
Speaking in last night’s (29.10.17) episode of the ITVBe show, she said: “There is so much pressure from people asking when we’re engaged … when we’re having a baby… The thought of marriage freaks me out…the thought of a baby tips me over the edge. The maternal feeling ain’t coming. If I got pregnant, he’d [Tommy] be happy, but it scares me. I feel as if everyone is on my back. I don’t know if marriage is right for me.
“I’m scared. I’m at this point, I’m happy and I got my dog. I know this is partly because of my mum and dad. When they split up I didn’t deal with it. Cause I was older, I didn’t let myself be sad. It came out of nowhere, so I don’t want to get married and have kids and then it not work out. I love him to bits but I worry he’s just going along with me.”
Georgia’s honesty will no doubt come as a huge shock to fans as she recently admitted that she and Tommy have been talking about getting married since they started dating.
She said previously: “We’ve been talking about it ever since we got together. I think I scared him because I said I wanted a family. I told him straight up I want two boys and a dog and I’ve been going on about it ever since. He wants the same, which is good.”
And the 26-year-old beauty has already said she would be “fuming” if Tommy, 25, got down on one knee on her birthday, over the festive season or on their anniversary.
She explained: “I really hope he wouldn’t [propose on the three-year anniversary]. He knows not to because I’ve always said that when we get engaged, I’d never want it to be on an anniversary, birthday, Christmas or any special occasion because I’d want it to be my own special day. I’d be fuming! I wouldn’t want that at all.”

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