Charlie Puth wants to find love

ICONINSIDER — Charlie Puth wants to settle down.
The ‘See You Again’ hitmaker is looking for love and thinks it would be “so nice” to find someone.
He said: “I want to be in love. It would be so nice on this tour if I just had a cool girl who could do her own thing but also would be there for me.”
And the 25-year-old singer has dated girls who are famous and those who are not and is just looking for someone who “cares about his heart”.
He added: “They don’t throw themselves, they glide. They nuzzle up to me. I’ve dated famous girls, I’ve dated not-famous girls, and I just need to find someone in the middle who doesn’t care about Charlie Puth, but cares about Charlie Puth’s heart, I guess. Without sounding so sappy.”
Since finding fame, Charlie admits he has “lost a lot of good” pals because they can’t cope with his fame and all that comes with it.
He told The Telegraph newspaper: “I lost a lot of good friends, they just couldn’t handle [the fame]. The fact that in the restaurants we use to go to, the maître’d is now calling up these paparazzi and there would be 10 of them outside. Some of them liked it too much.”
In his professional life, Charlie was rumoured to be taking a judging role on ‘American Idol’ but he recently revealed he had to turn it down because the schedule was “too overwhelming”.
He shared: “The schedule got too overwhelming. It’s nothing to do with [the network] … ABC is wonderful and I told them I would love to be in business with them in the future. [I was in talks] and then things in my life got crazy.
“I can’t wait to watch it. It’s a huge honour that they asked me. The fact that they would even ask me to be a part of it is just beyond flattering because it’s a show I grew up watching and I know it’s going to be amazing without me.”

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