Jordan Davies is terrified of ex Megan McKenna

ICONINSIDER — Jordan Davies is scared of his “nasty” ex-fiancee Megan McKenna.
Fans were hoping that the ‘Ex on the Beach’ hunk would spill the beans on his turbulent relationship with the ‘Only Way is Essex’ star – who he proposed to in 2015 – after he entered the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house on Tuesday (01.08.17) night, but he’s adamant he’ll never speak about her again because she’ll “kick off.”
Speaking to the Sun Online, Jordan said: “Talk about her? No way. I’m never going to talk about her again. Every time I mention her it all kicks off, and I get so much abuse it’s not worth it. I want nothing to do with her at all.”
It seems Jordan learnt his lesson a few years back when he dubbed her a “nasty piece of work” shortly after their relationship broke down.
He said at the time: “She’s a nasty piece of work who totally deceived me. All she cared was her career and being famous. I might date someone in the public eye again but it would have to be one hundred per cent right. It’s hard to trust people now. They only want to get with us because I’ve been on TV.”
At the time of their split, Megan’s side responded to his accusations that she only cared about being famous and said she dumped Jordan for “numerous reasons.”
They said: “Megan ended the relationship for numerous reasons, not least because her ex is a consummate storyteller and was obviously more interested in the idea of fame than being a real man.”
After her stint of ‘Ex On The Beach’, Megan took part in ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ and was removed from the house after her violent and aggressive behaviour.

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