Noel Edmonds to make TV documentary about fraud scandal

ICONINSIDER — Noel Edmonds is working on a new documentary about his battle with Lloyds bank.
The veteran TV presenter suffered huge losses as a result of the fraudulent dealings of staff at a former HBOS branch in Reading and Noel is now planning to open up about his “deep distress and public humiliation”.
A source explained: “Noel has made no secret of his anger at what has gone on with Lloyds.
“And the longer things go on, the more furious he has become. It has spurred him on to hit back at the bank and tell people exactly what has happened to him.”
The planned documentary will explain how Noel, 68, found himself millions of pounds out of pocket because of the dodgy dealings at the branch, while it will also feature interviews with other victims of the scandal.
The insider told The Sun newspaper: “He wants to make an example of them so that nobody else suffers in the same way he has. Making TV is what he has done all his life. He’s got a platform and he’s ­determined to use it.”
Noel has previously admitted to suffering “immense ­economic loss as well as distress and inconvenience” as a result of the scandal.
Meanwhile, in 2016, Noel claimed to have cured himself of prostate cancer by changing his attitude, his diet and by the use of sound waves.
During a memorable appearance on ‘This Morning’, Noel – who was diagnosed with the disease in 2013 – explained: “When I found out I had prostate cancer, I started to get out there and ask as many questions as possible.
“I changed my diet, I exercised in a different way. I’ve got a very small group of friends, some of whom experienced cancer, one of whom has defied the NHS by living a lot longer than was predicted and I was in a position that I was able to carry on doing TV shows and be healthy.
“I then had my tumour destroyed by sound waves. Proving yet again that energy is at the heart of this issue.”

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