Noah Cyrus says Miley comparison isn’t her ‘problem’

ICONINSIDER — Noah Cyrus says it isn’t her “problem” if people compare her to her sister Miley.
The 17-year-old singer admits she’s blessed to be able to learn about the music industry through her 24-year-old chart topping sister and loves accompanying her on her promotional duties but Noah won’t worry about fans drawing similarities between the pair’s music.
She said: “I’m so proud that Miley is my big sister, and to be able to go to these big radio shows and hang out with her. Of course no one wants to be compared to another person. But it’s like, if a person can only see me for my sister, then that’s really their problem.”
The ‘Make Me’ hitmaker – who released her debut single featuring Labrinth in 2016 – also revealed her famous dad Billy Ray Cyrus could have a song on her forthcoming record.
She said: “Hopefully it will be done by this fall. I worked with so many amazing co-writers and producers on it. My dad might have a song on the album. I’m so blessed for this whole thing. I worked with some really talented, experienced writers.”
The teenager has completed all the songs for the LP and says she’s looking for “new inspiration” for future material but she’s busy promoting her latest tracks – including ‘Stay Together’ and ‘I’m Stuck’ – and doesn’t want to repeat herself.
She told Rogue magazine: “While you’re working on an album for so long it’s hard to find and get new inspiration every day. Usually it’s inspired by real life situations, but I’m not having very many of those since I’ve been on the road. I knew that was when I was done with the album – when I started repeating myself.”
Meanwhile, Noah is considering whether she should turn off the comments function on her Instagram account so that she can avoid reading negative remarks from trolls.
Noah was then asked if she always read the comments on her posts, and she replied: “Absolutely! I mean, it’s hard when these people are so annoying. I might have to turn them [Instagram comments] off soon.”

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