Lynda Bellingham’s sons angry at will

ICONINSIDER — Lynda Bellingham’s sons was angry at his late mother for leaving everything to her husband Michael Pattemore when she died.
Michael Bellingham has admitted he and his brother Robbie went through mixed emotions when they found out that the legendary television star had changed her will, which initially meant they would get her entire fortune, just weeks after she was diagnosed with cancer so that her spouse – who she married in 2008 – would own everything once she was gone.
Speaking on ‘Loose Women’ on Tuesday (25.07.17), he explained: “Of course I went through anger. Anger, frustration, guilt because I feel like I should’ve tried harder to make her understand where we were coming from. But I don’t blame her. I don’t blame her. It’s not just about the money, it’s about self-respect, it’s about morals and dignity.”
The siblings are currently locked in a bitter legal battle with Michael – who claimed he once had sex with Lynda’s ghost – as they believe they’re entitled to her empire and have claimed he’s been squandering the cash on lavish holidays and hair transplants.
He said: “He said that he gave us a flat and he put a roof over our heads. We spent the last year and a half fighting for that flat. We spent 77,000 on lawyers’ fees to fight him for that flat. Before he said he was dragged into this because he had to defend himself. We waited a year – we watched all the ridiculous things he was saying, we watched the money being spent and the money being made off the back of our mother – and we decided that this guy did not have our best interests at heart.”
And, although he doesn’t want to be on national television rowing with his estranged step-father, Michael believes his mother – who died of colon cancer in 2014 – would be “disgusted” with how her name is being thrown around in the public eye.
He said when asked how he thinks his mum would feel if she was here today: “She’d be disgusted. If it was just about the money then why wouldn’t my brother and I sit back and wait for the million quid to roll in when he dies.”

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