Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies ‘at it like rabbits’

ICONINSIDER — Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies were “at it like rabbits” in the ‘Love Island’ villa.
The couple – who won the ITV2 show on Monday (24.07.17) – have confessed to having sex the most out of all the couples in the villa, even more than was shown on the programme, as they couldn’t deny the “sexual chemistry” between them.
Kem admitted: “We were at it like rabbits.”
Whilst Amber added: “It was true that we had sex in the house more than any couple. Why not? My mum didn’t want me to have sex on TV, but I never ruled anything out. If you fancy someone and you’ve got that sexual chemistry, it’s a natural thing. By the end everyone was doing it.”
During their stint on the show, the pair had sex in more adventurous locations in the villa than any of the other couples, opting for the sofa, in broad daylight and even trying to get intimate in the wardrobe.
Amber said: “One day we were just chilling and it was overcast and we wasn’t sunbathing.”
And Kem confessed: “I was sitting there and I was just thinking to myself … I think I just gave you the look and you knew. Then we went inside and we was just chilling. We thought we were going to go to sleep but we didn’t end up sleeping.”
The pair even went as far as having sex in the pool when the contestants were celebrating Camilla’s birthday.
Kem said: “Everyone was on floats. We didn’t have one so we were just chilling in the pool. We can’t keep our hands off each other … We was hiding under the turtle. Camilla saw us and just went, ‘Oh my God.'”
And Amber added to The Sun newspaper: “We had a big floaty turtle over our heads. I think we ruined Camilla’s birthday.”

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