Jeremy Renner’s movie vow

ICONINSIDER — Jeremy Renner won’t make another movie unless he can work with Taylor Sheridan.
The ‘Avengers’ actor teamed up with the Oscar-nominated screenwriter for his directorial debut ‘Wind River’ and Jeremy enjoyed the experience so much that he has insisted on working with the filmmaker on his next project.
Jeremy told The Hollywood Reporter: “The next job I do, outside of the ‘Avengers’, that I’m doing now, will be with him. Otherwise, I probably won’t be on the screen.
“Being a director is all about perspective. Taylor’s perspective as a writer comes across in the first 10 pages. I get where he’s going. He is patient and raw and unapologetic and harrowing. And when you get that in the first 10 pages you are like, ‘Oh, f**k.'”
Jeremy’s co-star Elizabeth Olsen was also full of praise for Sheridan, saying: “He is one of the most direct communicators I know. It was a nice creative experience because we know we aren’t going to offend one another. We are just trying to make the best film possible.”
In the movie, Olsen portrays an FBI agent who travels to Utah to investigate the murder of a girl who has frozen to death and who is discovered by Cory (Renner), a hunter and ranger for the Fish and Game government department.
Dealing with grief following the death of his teenage daughter, Cory helps the rookie agent navigate the hostile and unfamiliar terrain of the Utah wilderness.
Sheridan also write the screenplay and said he chose to direct the movie because he wanted to share his vision for the project.
He explained: “There were elements of this vision that I wanted to see through. I wanted it to be told a certain way, and the only way to do that was to direct it.”

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