Jeanne Moreau has died

ICONINSIDER — Jeanne Moreau has died aged 89.
The French actress passed away on Monday (31.07.17), the mayor of her home district in Paris has confirmed, and the country’s president, Emmanuel Macron, has already paid tribute to the ‘Jules et Jim’ star.
He tweeted in his native language: “Legend of cinema and theatre, Jeanne Moreau was an artist engaged in the whirl of life with absolute freedom.(sic)”
Pierre Lescure, president of the Cannes Film Festival, also paid tribute to the screen icon on Twitter.
He posted: “She was strong and she didn’t like to see people pour their hearts out. Sorry, Jeanne, but this is beyond us. We are crying.”
Jeanne received a string of awards throughout her successful career, including the Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival in 1960 for her role in ‘Seven Days … Seven Nights’, as well as the BAFTA Award for Best Foreign Actress in ‘Viva Maria!’, and the BAFTA Fellowship in 1996.
She was also honoured with a Palm d’Or in 2003 and received a Cesar Award in 2008.
Although Jeanne initially followed in her late mother Katherine’s footsteps as a dancer, it wasn’t until she visited the Comédie-Française theatre in the French capital where she watched Marie Bell in ‘Phèdre’ she knew she wanted to forge a career in front of the camera.
Speaking previously, the late star said: “[Dance] that was passion. Being in the audience I felt, even the first time, that my place wasn’t there in the dark. I didn’t feel like being the one who just watches. I wasn’t born for obscurity. I knew at once I wanted to be an actress.”
And Jeanne never wanted to a job in the entertainment industry for the fame or money but to allow her an “escape from real life”.
Speaking previously, she said: “It was not a money or a fame thing but an escape from real life. I lost all interest in school.”
The ‘Chimes at Midnight’ actress is survived by her son, Jerome Richard.
She had the actor with her first husband Jean-Louis Richard, and she was also previously married to director William Friedkin.

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