Hannah Agboola and Kieran Lee evicted from Big Brother

ICONINSIDER — Hannah Agboola and Kieran Lee have missed out on a place in the ‘Big Brother’ final.
The two housemates were given the boot just one day before the end of the series in a brutal backdoor eviction, leaving Hannah’s sister Deborah Agboola, Raph Korine, Isabelle Warburton, Tom Barber to battle it out for the crown.
The housemates had been shown a video clip of their ‘Big Brother’ lives before being told to stand by a white door, where their fates were revealed.
Hannah and Deborah had thanked one another for being their “rock” and praised each other as “beautiful”, before the beauty queen was told her fate.
She said: “Thank you Big Brother, this has been the best experience.”
“I love you so much. Deborah, we came to the end together, trust me… Promise to be strong, you know what to do.”
As the other housemates watched on, they shouted messages of support to Hannah, who replied that she loved them.
Isabelle and Raph were the first to be saved, and Kieran was then booted out with Tom, who stood beside him, sent off to Heaven.
However, Kieran took the news well, telling the rest of the group to “look after” Tom and enjoy the experience.
And he told Tom: “Enjoy yourself. It’s been 50 days, it’s good for me. Enjoy yourself kid, smash it. I can go home.”
Andrew Cruickshanks also remains in the house, but as the Second Chance Housemate he is ineligible to win.
Isabelle had been the first to be told she was safe and was elated to be in the final.
She said in the Diary Room: “Aaah, I can’t believe it, it’s literally unreal. You’ve been constantly waiting to be evicted or waiting for something shit to happen, but to have it confirmed you’re a finalist, it’s literally unreal. I’m buzzing.”
The show concludes on Friday (28.07.17).

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