Gabby Allen tells Marcel Somerville she loves him

ICONINSIDER — ‘Love Island’s Gabby Allen told Marcel Somerville she loved him just hours after she failed a lie detector test.
The blonde beauty and her fellow female contestants were put under the spotlight during Tuesday night’s show (18.07.17) when their partners were allowed to ask them a string of questions whilst the girls were hooked up to a lie detector machine.
When Marcel asked her if she loved him, she replied no and the lie detector machine confirmed she was telling the truth.
And when the pair spoke about the lie detector later on in the show, she fumed: “You’re so stupid, because you’re making some point of nothing, you’re ridiculous.”
He replied: “We were having a conversation, I was midway through a sentence about something and I wasn’t a priority to you at that current point.”
To which she hit back: “Sorry if you were midway through a sentence. You know when you’re at the dinner table and you ask if you can be excused, that’s how it made me feel. It’s made me feel like I have to ask if I can leave.”
However, after their row providing a small bump in the road for the couple, they rekindled their romance as Gabby got her pals together to help her plan a surprise for Marcel.
She took him up to the balcony, where she explained that she couldn’t have told him she loved him when he had said it to her the week before as she wanted to tell him when it felt it was the right time.
After a lengthy chat, the blonde beauty told the former Blazin’ Squad member to look out onto the grass below where her fellow Islanders had spelled out ‘I [heart] U’.
Elsewhere in the episode, Chris and Olivia seemed to make up after rowing for the last couple of days whilst Camilla admitted to Jamie that she was worried that she wasn’t good enough for him.

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