Derek Hough wore his sisters’ hand-me-downs

ICONINSIDER — Derek Hough used to wear his sisters’ “hand-me-downs”.
The 32-year-old professional dancer has admitted when he was a child we had to adorn “girl’s clothes” because he was always given the clothes his female siblings Marabeth, Sharee, Katherine and Julianne had grown out of or didn’t wear anymore.
Speaking about his style during his younger years to US Weekly, the Utah-born hunk said: “When I was younger, all my hand-me-downs were girl’s clothes.”
And the ‘Hairspray Live!’ star was forced to squeeze into pink shoes that belonged to his relatives, although he would colour the feminine areas in with a black permanent marker to try and hide the fact he was wearing women’s garments.
He explained: “So, like, if I got shoes, they’d have some pink in it because they were my sisters’ too. I would have to get a Sharpie pen and colour in the pink to black so that people didn’t know they were girl’s shoes.”
Meanwhile, Derek is currently a judge on the popular NBC dance competition show ‘World of Dance’ and the fair-haired hunk has hailed the programme as “heartfelt” and “super high-octane” show.
Speaking about his latest venture, he said: “[It captures] the essence and the energy that is dance.
“I think that the energy the show provides is just super high-octane. It’s very heartfelt.”
And despite filming the series in advance, Derek will still be overwhelmed with emotion when he watches the programme back on television.
He explained: “There are those moments when I film the show, and then I’ll be home watching the show and I’m like tearing up. I’m like, ‘Wait a minute, I already saw this.’ But it still gets you.”

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