Lily James: ‘There’s so much pressure to have a particular sort of beauty’

ICONINSIDER — Lily James believes there is “so much pressure” to look beautiful.
The 28-year-old actress feels there is a huge strain on women in the public eye to constantly look flawless, which she thinks is “impossible”, because when the star applies a full face of make-up for a star-studded event she looks “quite different” to her everyday appearance.
Speaking to The Times Magazine, the golden-haired beauty said: “Without all the make-up and stuff I look quite different. On a day-to-day basis I am not that.
“There’s now so much pressure to have a particular sort of beauty, and to have the whole package as a woman. You have to tick all these boxes. It’s so impossible.
“And so boring, actually. Men don’t have that same pressure.
“But I do feel it with the red carpet. I feel that pressure.”
However, the ‘Cinderella’ star has been told she will feel “self assured” and “more confident” in her skin as she gets older.
She explained: “I’ve been told that you become more self-assured and more confident, and stop caring what people think [when you get older].
“I do that too much. I love it when people just say what they want to say and don’t care or adjust it. It’s a very rare quality now.”
But for the meantime Lily relies on her mother, Ninette, to keep her calm and grounded.
Lily – who is currently dating Matt Smith – explained: “She knows what to say to calm me. She grounds me. She’s very wise – and very funny. We’re quite similar.”
Meanwhile Lily, whose acting career was kickstarted in 2011 when she appeared in Rufus Norris’ ‘Vernon God Little’ at the young Vic Theatre, has described the entertainment industry is “so transient” and an “unstable career”.
She said: “It’s the most unstable career you can get. Everything is so transient.”

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