Wavves pushed for ‘different’ sound on new record

ICONINSIDER — Wavves didn’t want to make “another pop punk record” with their new album ‘You’re Welcome’.
The ‘Way Too Much’ rockers – comprised of Nathan Williams, Alex Gates, Stephen Pope, and Brian Hill – released their sixth studio album last week, and have said they decided to go for a more sample based synth approach as they wanted to make “something different” to their previous records.
Frontman Nathan Williams said when asked why they took that approach: “It’s something that I’ve done before. I did it on a couple of songs. I did it on ‘Mickey Mouse’ and ‘Baseball Cards’ for our album ‘King of the Beach’. I don’t know, it’s something that I’ve been doing for a while. I didn’t want to just make another pop punk record. I wanted to do something a little different.”
And pushing for something different seems to have paid off, as Nathan insists the resulting sound is “different in every way” from both their debut self-titled album – which was released in 2008 – and 2015’s ‘V’.
He said: “They’re different in almost every way. My debut album, I recorded in my parents’ garage. I wrote, produced and played all the instruments myself. This time I co-produced it with Dennis Herring and I have a full band. I think ‘You’re Welcome’ is a more oddball record. There’s a lot of studio stuff that we did. ‘V’ was more like a power-pop, pop-punk band-sounding record. This one has a lot more sample-based stuff. Just sort of weirder synth elements I guess.”
The ‘Demon To Lean On’ musicians are due to head out on an eight-week tour in support of the new record, and Nathan says the group will “take a little break” to recharge once the tour is finished.
Asked by Billboard magazine what’s next for Wavves, Nathan said: “I think when we get back we’re going to take a little break. This is an eight week tour. Everybody’s going to sort of recharge. We have plans for Australia and then another big US tour in the fall, and two festivals. A couple sort of one-off 7″s that will come at the end of the year, but we won’t give that stuff away quite yet.”

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