Raye: I scare my record boss

ICONINSIDER — Raye doesn’t take orders from her record label.
The 19-year-old rising star – whose real name is Rachel Keen – feels there is a lack of “originality” with pop music today because too many artists are afraid to stand up for what they believe in.
However, the frizzy-haired beauty admits she almost got trapped into being someone she isn’t like her peers.
She said: “We’re missing originality.
“Everyone’s copying each other and I nearly got sucked into that. I know I scare my record boss. He’ll say, ‘Do this … it’s safer, it’s what people want to hear’.
“I’m like, ‘No! I want to go as far away from what people want me to do.”
The ‘Ambition’ singer insists she won’t be changing her image anytime soon as she says “imperfections” are much cooler.
She told the Metro newspaper: “People with a platform should do more to encourage imperfections as opposed to everything being so perfect.
“I got spots on my face and wanted to post it on Instagram. Imperfections are cool.”
Despite being adamant she is going to do whatever she wants, there is no hiding the fact the pressure is on for Raye – whose real name is Rachel Keen – to be a success after signing to major label Interscope.
She has also been tipped by the label to be huge in the US.
She added: “They said, ‘We think you’re the first artist we’ve worked with in a long time who will break America’ – fingers crossed.”

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