Matthew Morrison says sex scene with Cara Delevingne was ‘awkward’

ICONINSIDER — Matthew Morrison has admitted his sex scene with Cara Delevingne for ‘Tulip Fever’ was “awkward”.
The 38-year-old actor – most famous for playing Spanish teacher Will Schuester in musical TV show ‘Glee’ – is to star with the supermodel-and-actress in the upcoming romantic period drama film.
Matthew plays the character Mattheus in the movie and at one point he and Cara’s alter ego Annetje get frisky but like all other love scenes he has had to shoot it was all very “strange”.
Appearing on UK TV show ‘Loose Women’ on Monday (15.05.17), Matthew was asked if he ever feels “weird” doing sex scenes, to which he replied: “Yes, urm, they are just the weirdest things to film. I’m doing a movie that’s coming out later this year called ‘Tulip Fever’ with Dame Judi Dench and I had a sex scene in there with Cara Delevingne and it’s always strange, yeah (awkward). They’re very choreographed and there’s people and you’re in no clothes. It’s weird.”
The film, directed by Justin Chadwick, is based on a story where an artist falls for a young married woman when he’s commissioned to paint her portrait during the Tulip mania of 17th century Amsterdam.
It stars Alicia Vikander and Dane DeHaan as the main characters with Zach Galifianakis, Dame Judi Dench, Christoph Waltz and
Jack O’Connell included in the supporting cast.
Matthew is married to Renee Puente, whom he tied the knot with at a private home on the island of Maui in October 2014.
Rather than get jealous about his love scenes, Matthew says his wife actively encourages him to go for it when he has to do sex on screen.
He explained: “I have the most supportive wife, honestly, she tells me if I’ve got a sex scene or making out scene, she’s like, ‘You better make it look good,’ she wants me to really go for it.”
And speaking about his Hawaiian wedding, he revealed: “We wanted to get married there and when we have kids they will all have a Hawaiian name, it’s a tradition we really want to have. (At the wedding) She raised her tradition (by doing a Hawaiian dance at the wedding) that the woman lays her man.”
‘Tulip Fever’ will be released in cinemas in July.

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