Lily Donaldson reveals her fashion and beauty ‘top tips’

ICONINSIDER — Lily Donaldson’s “top tip” is to wear “good knickers” on the red carpet.
The 30-year-old model – who was scouted by Select Model Management aged 16 years old – has revealed the most important thing when she is attending a prestigious award ceremony is to ensure she has put on her best pair of underwear just in case her ensemble is a little too revealing.
Speaking about her fashion tips to, the blonde-haired beauty said: “My top tip is always wear good knickers on the red carpet. Tonight, I will be showcasing a white pair. At the last couple of events, I have been the knicker showcaser.”
And the catwalk icon – who has appeared in campaigns for designer labels including Burberry, Alexander McQueen and Fendi – has revealed her “best beauty tip” is to use coconut oil to remove her make-up and witch hazel to treat any breakouts.
Speaking about her beauty and skincare hacks, she said: “Aside from sleeping, the best beauty tip I can offer does depend on your skin type. I have two good ones. If you have oily skin, don’t use this one, but I really like using coconut oil to take off eye make-up. I know that if you do have a certain type of skin it can make you break out. Be careful. Also, this for breakouts: witch hazel, but choose one that is alcohol free. It’s the best in the summer to use instead of a toner and is legit the best for spots. It’s natural and only costs about £5.”
Lily has admitted she prefers to wear natural-looking make-up, and is “really good” at applying cosmetic products to her own face, although she thinks it would be “weird” if she hadn’t acquired any beauty skills after being at the helm of the fashion industry for over a decade.
She explained: “My least favourite beauty look is when I’ve had my make-up done too much. I always think make-up is great when it accentuates what you have. When there is too much on there, it’s not good. You’ve always got to go simple. You can have a lot of make-up on and it will look like it you haven’t. Like tonight, it only looks like I have a flick and really amazing skin.
“I am really good at doing my own make-up. I think it would be weird if I had sat in the chairs of amazing make-up artists for 10 years and not picked anything up. I used to do a lot of red carpets myself.
“For an everyday look, I use a tinted moisturiser with an SPF – kill two birds with one stone. I love a blush which always brings you back to life. I love Dior’s Pump and Volume mascara and then the Fix It under my eyes. It’s simple, but then for night I would add in the Art Pen, starting with it very gently on the lash line and then a tiny little flick. As the night progresses I would just build on it and then suddenly you’ve got a flick like the one I think we’ll go for tonight.”

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