Liam Payne’s ‘favourite song’ is Zayn Malik’s Pillowtalk

ICONINSIDER — Liam Payne’s “favourite song” is by his former One Direction band member Zayn Malik.
The 23-year-old singer has recently released his debut solo single ‘Strip That Down’ following the boy band’s hiatus last year, which makes him the last member of the group to release his solo music career, but he has admitted out of everyone in the group he most prefers the dark-haired hunk’s 2016 hit single ‘Pillowtalk’ from his ‘Mind of Mine’ album.
Speaking about his peers and their records on ‘Vodafone Big Top 40’, he said: “I would say Zayn’s song was my favourite.”
And when quizzed on what single in particular he enjoyed the most, he confirmed it was ‘Pillowtalk’ because it is his “style of music” and the same type of records he would like to release.
He said: “Yes, because it’s my style of music … I think that’s the song that I would choose.”
Although Liam believes him and Zayn – who is currently dating model Gigi Hadid – share an interest in the same genre of music, he doesn’t think the 24-year-old artist would be on board a One Direction reunion in the future after he quit the group in 2015.
Speaking previously about the ‘History’ hitmaker’s and whether the entire gang will be on board to make a comeback, Liam said: “He doesn’t really support the cause.
“If he feels hurt and scorned in some sort of way that I don’t really understand that’s down to him so there we go.
“It is very sad because One Direction was a wonderful, wonderful time in all of our lives. It was like uni but on steroids, it was mad. It was so much fun and I don’t understand how you can come out of that experience and say the things that he says sometimes, it doesn’t make any sense to me but there you go.”

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