Joe Thomas and James Buckley for BBC show White Gold

ICONINSIDER — ‘Inbetweeners’ stars Joe Thomas and James Buckley are set to reunite for BBC show ‘White Gold’.
The comedic duo have teamed up with ‘Gossip Girl’ star Ed Westwick and Inbetweeners creator Damon Beesley for the television show, which follows the story of double glazing salesman working in 1980s Britain.
The show is also set to feature X-rated scenes as well as racist jokes but creator Damon has defended the decision to include these slurs.
He said: “The show is set in the 1980s and the lines are of that era. We are not going to use them gratuitously. The characters who make these comments are picked up about their behaviour.”
Whilst Joe added: “The show has flavours of the Inbetweeners. I wrote the episode about dogging. It’s my sort of area.
“It was great working with James again too. I wrote jokes where I called him Buck Ugly and I think he looks like Yoda. I do like flagrant swearing and bad language.”
Set in Essex in 1983, ‘White Gold’ tells the story of double glazing super salesman Vincent Swan (Ed Westwick) who will do just about anything to get a sale.
He is joined at Cachet Windows by smarmy Fitzpatrick (James Buckley) and failed musician Lavender (Joe Thomas), whose politeness and morals tends to get in the way of pulling off a good dale.
In the first episode of the series, the team take a bet on whether Fitzpatrick can sell new windows to a client he recently sold the exact same windows to whilst Vincent will try to convince an old colleague to return to the trade.
‘White Gold’ will air on BBC Two on Wednesday May 24 at 10pm.

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