Harry Styles’ album was like ‘therapy’

ICONINSIDER — Harry Styles found writing his debut solo album “therapeutic”.
The 23-year-old heartthrob says having just himself and an instrument in the room allowed him to process deeper thoughts and sit back and take in the experiences he has had following his time in one of the world’s biggest boybands, One Direction.
In an interview with The Sun newspaper, he admitted: “I found it really therapeutic to write.
“Sitting at an instrument, you allow yourself to be vulnerable in a different way to speaking to ­anyone, even if you know them really well. I found it to be therapy — things that I’d either not thought about for a long time or hadn’t ­processed really because things had been moving so fast.
“I wanted to put out a piece of me that I haven’t put out before.”
The ‘Sweet Creature’ hitmaker – who performed his first gig as a solo artist at London’s The Garage on Saturday night (13.05.17) – insists he “learnt a lot” about himself from making the album and that it is made up of songs about how life in the ‘History’ group made him feel.
On his journey from being in the band to going solo, he said: “It’s really hard to go from doing a show with thousands of people there to your hotel room — from being around people to nothing. After five years of doing that, I learnt a lot about myself. There’s no textbook telling you how to go through that stuff.
“With this album, rather than just go in and tell the story about what happened, I got to think about how it actually made me feel at the time.”
Harry wanted the tracks to make him feel positive about life rather than reflect on all of the negative things that “p***ed” him off.
He added: “I feel like it’s a good way of saying what you want to say about something without having to sit and be like, ‘You know what, this really p***ed me off.’ But I also wanted it to be fun to listen to. I didn’t want it to make me depressed.”

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