Guy Ritchie’s exotic film choice

ICONINSIDER — Guy Ritchie took on ‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’ because it is “exotic”.
The British filmmaker admitted making the fantasy epic is radically different from any of his previous work, but he relished the chance to challenge himself with something new.
He said: “Fantasy is completely out of my wheelhouse.
“I fancied doing something in a different genre. It felt exotic. It challenged me. You don’t wanna stay in familiar territory for too long.”
While the movie may have been different thematically to Guy’s usual work, Jude Law – who plays Vortigern in the film and worked with the director as Dr. Watson on two ‘Sherlock Holmes’ movies – insists it is still instantly recognisable as the 48-year-old filmmaker’s work.
He said: “One of the most rewarding elements of the experience was seeing Guy put his signature on this legacy.
“There aren’t many films you can watch and go, ‘Oh, I know who made that.’ But Guy has a particular way of working and it was work as usual.”
Guy works in a spontaneous fashion and Charlie Hunnam – who plays Arthur – found his way of filming refreshing and made him “live in the moment” more.
He said: “It’s really remarkable, his ability to think on his feet and work in real-time. It forced me to be malleable and to live in the moment a bit more.”
Up next for the director is a live-action take on ‘Aladdin’ and Guy is hopeful the finished movie will impress his kids.
He told Empire magazine: “Again, it’s challenging and again, it’s somthing that excites me, finding a voice within that genre.
“I like to remain stimulated and excited. Plus, I have five children to entertain.”

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