Elle Fanning reveals her beauty secrets

ICONINSIDER — Elle Fanning makes her eyes look “giant” by applying mascara to her bottom lashes.
The 19-year-old actress has admitted she douses her eyelashes in L’Oreal Paris’ Lash Paradise product, which she applies to her top and bottom areas, because she wants to make her eyes look as big and bright as possible.
Speaking in a video on Vogue.com about her make-up routine, the blonde-haired beauty – who was named the International Spokesperson for the cosmetics and skincare giant earlier this month – said: “Let’s do my make-up.
“First let’s moisturise.
“Lashes. Make sure you don’t get your eyelid [with eyelash curlers]. Now we have got the mascara in my favourite pink little bottle it’s called [L’Oreal Paris] Lash Paradise.
“Go for the bottom lashes too, make your eyes look as giant as possible.”
The ‘The Neon Demon’ star has revealed she will also apply two shades of concealer on to her face to hide any redness or “dark circles” she has under her eyes.
She explained: “The green is good for your redness, and the purple is good for dark circles.”
Elle will continue her beauty regime by “filling in” her eyebrows with a brown eye-brow pencil, and then brushed the hair upwards to make them look “nice and strong”.
She said: “Just go to fill in [my eyebrows] brush them up.
“Nice and strong.”
The American star will apply “a little” bit of nude lipstick and cover her golden hair in hair spray to ensure her styled locks keep their shape.
Speaking about the finishing touches, she said: “A little nude lippy.
“Then hair spray.”
Meanwhile, Elle has revealed she regularly seeks beauty advice from her grandmother Mary Jane, because her grandparent always wears a full face of makeup even when she is doing mundane chores.
Speaking previously, she said: “My grandmother, Mary Jane, who lives with me and my parents, is who I go to for beauty advice. She doesn’t even put the bins out without her full makeup on, and still covers her body in talcum powder every single night.”

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