Charlie Hunnam: I live in fear of failure

ICONINSIDER — Charlie Hunnam lives in “constant fear” of failure.
The 37-year-old actor has recently become one of the most sought-after performers in Hollywood after starring in a string of big-budget movies, including ‘Pacific Rim’ and ‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’ – but Charlie always fears his career will soon dry up.
He explained: “All creative people live in constant fear that suddenly the penny will drop, and you will not have the opportunity to keep doing the work.
“Particularly in the film industry, where we’re so dependant on enormous amounts of money being financed in to facilitate the making of a film. And such fierce competition.
“And because they’re so expensive to make, films, the unfortunate reality is that, in order to be desirable in the marketplace, the films you do have to make lots and lots of money, you know? To perpetuate the cycle.”
And so despite his rising reputation, Charlie admitted to harbouring concerns about his long-term future as an actor.
He told Den of Geek: “I think, I, along with everybody else, just live in constant fear of, at some point, that career drying up.”
The British star also revealed his mother Jane has played a crucial role in his career.
He shared: “My mum has always been my greatest supporter, and instilled in me a belief that, really anybody is capable of doing anything as long as you march in the direction of your dreams, and understand that it’s gonna be a lot of hardship and failure along the way.
“The key to reaching your destination is knowing that and having the conviction and strength to pick yourself up every time you fail and dust off and try again.”

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