Busy Philipps’ children not impressed by her fame

ICONINSIDER — Busy Philipps’ children are not impressed with her fame.
The 37-year-old actress has daughters Birdie, eight, and Cricket, three, with husband Marc Silverstein but admitted that since Birdie has friends whose parents are much more famous than she is, she doesn’t really care about Busy being a celebrity.
She said: “Birdie gets [that I’m an actress] but she’s also an LA kid who is very savvy and goes to school with a lot of kids whose parents are far more famous than I am. So she’s not super impressed with me now. Cricket doesn’t really understand what I do. She really doesn’t. When I was shooting my pilot she did come to set one day and say, ‘Oh, this is mama’s new movie.’ But I just don’t think she fully understands that.”
And Busy also revealed that she doesn’t want a ‘Dawson’s Creek’ reunion.
The actress starred alongside James Van Der Beek, Joshua Jackson, Katie Holmes and her best friend Michelle Williams in the much-loved TV series but insisted she has no interest in reprising her role as Audrey Liddell.
She told Us Weekly: “No, I wasn’t even in the finale, was barely on the show. I totally appreciate, though, that it means a lot to a lot of people and that they really love it!”

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