Beyonce is a ‘hard worker’

ICONINSIDER — Beyonce has been praised as a “hard worker”, by her choreographers Ashley Everett and Chris Grant.
The 35-year-old singer joined forces with the dance experts on a number of music videos including ‘Formation’, and the pair have described the powerhouse as having a strong work ethic because she puts in a lot of effort when learning a routine and makes “so many sacrifices”, which they believe makes her stand out in the entertainment industry.
Speaking to Billboard Online about the former Destiny’s Child band member, Ashley said: “I always tell people the reason why Beyoncé is who she is is because she’s such a hard worker. She’s made so many sacrifices, and she’s right there with us. She’ll put in the time and the work, and that’s why everyone who works with her and for her has to have the same kind of work ethic.
“The artists who are putting on great performances these days still have a passion. The Beyoncé’s and the Kendricks [Lamar] make timeless performances.”
And Chris added the ‘XO’ hitmaker will always put “blood, sweat and tears” into every project she works on.
He said: “For every show and every rehearsal, you treat it the same. You put in the same hard work and blood, sweat and tears — and that’s who [Beyoncé] is. Even when we’re working, she’s over everything, from the music, to the rehearsal, to the editing, to the lighting. Everything that went into the show, Beyoncé is involved in it.”
The pair have revealed when they are coming up with routines for Beyonce they “worry” whether it is “realistic”.
Chris explained: “We always make sure it’s realistic [for live performances]. [Beyoncé] is an artist and we have to worry about the art first. People want to hear the song and see her. Everything else is add-ons.”
Although the dance duo “worry” about the moves they include in their choreography for the American star, they don’t need to as the ‘Dreamgirls’ actress – who has five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy and is pregnant with twins with her husband Jay Z – tells them to “go for it” and be innovative and experimental.
Chris said: “Music videos are fun and different. [Beyoncé] wants us to just go for it because she’s not holding a microphone. She wants to do everything the dancers are doing. It’s all going to be edited with multiple takes, so there’s no worries there. We have time to do it well.
“That’s why everyone goes crazy when Beyoncé performs: because you feel her. Now it’s just about the ratchetness or trending dance – which are cool, but Beyoncé allows us to incorporate that while still sticking to what we know and what we’re used to.”

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