Alexandra Daddario’s revenge on her high school crush

ICONINSIDER — Alexandra Daddario got “all the revenge” on the high school boys that turned her down by starring in ‘Baywatch’.
The 31-year-old actress – who plays Zac Efron’s love interest Summer Quinn in the hit movie – is excited she got the chance to be a Baywatch babe.
She told Australia’s breakfast show Today: “It was thrilling, I felt like I got all the revenge on all the high school boys that turned me down – I could finally be a Baywatch babe … it was exciting.”
It comes after Alexandra admitted she is “really nervous” around boys.
She shared: “I date, but I’m really nervous around boys. I get very tentative … I thought, Maybe I’ll meet the love of my life there [on Tinder]. But people have recognised me and it’s embarrassing.
“I’ve gone on yoga dates with guys, which I love. They might get grossed out by me because I sweat so much, but that’s how you know if they’re a keeper.”
The brunette beauty has five films coming out in the next 12 months and can’t believe how much her life has changed.
She explained: “It’s mind-blowing how things have changed. I’m doing projects I love, meeting cool people, going to cool parties. The little kid in me is yelling, ‘Holy s**t, what am I doing here?'”
And Alexandra admits she didn’t like dieting for her role in the movie.
She said: “It’s part of the character to look as good as possible so it was hard work ,but it was all for the role. For me, it was about you want to do the best job possible.
“By the time I got to set I was like, OK, I think I’m ready. I was proud of the work I’d put in but it was a lot of swimming, and weight-training and dieting that I didn’t enjoy doing.”

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