Yara Shahidi tries not to be 'make-up dependent'

ICONINSIDER — Yara Shahidi forced herself not to be “make-up dependent” at a young age.
The 17-year-old actress felt she had to “confront” her feelings towards beauty and her aesthetic early in life, because her career in front of the camera meant she has to adorn a “full face” of cosmetic products when filming, and she didn’t want to rely on make-up to feel complete or confident.
The ‘Black-ish’ star – who portrays Zoey Johnson in the American sitcom – told PEOPLE: “Growing up on the small screen, I had to confront how I felt about beauty at a younger age because I was putting on a full face of make-up to get into character. I had to learn not to feel make-up dependent, as though I wasn’t finished without it, so it could stay a fun experience of experimenting and self-expression.”
And the brunette beauty has made a point of taking care of her skin since she became a teenager and follows a strict daily skincare routine, which sees her remove all of her make-up and deep cleansing her pores every night before she goes to sleep.
She explained: “As I’ve entered my teenage years, skincare is so important, so I feel confident in who I am.
“I can’t just wash my face and go to bed now. It’s about making sure my pores are clean, getting all of the make-up out and making sure that my skin is hydrated.”
But when the Minnesota-born star wants a quick fix for when she is on the go, she will use Clean & Clear’s make-up wipes and bubble cleanser.
She said: “I adore the Clean & Clear make-up wipes because amidst all the travelling I do, I don’t always have time to [fully] wash my face. I’ve also been playing around with the brand’s bubble cleanser because it’s gentle on my skin and gets everything out of my pores.
“After, I love putting on rose hip oil [as face moisturiser], which is so great for hydration.”

Source: Ohmygossip.com
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