Take That stage show breaks records

ICONINSIDER — Take That’s stage show has become the fastest-selling theatre tour in history.
The musical, which is called ‘The Band’ and is set to debut in Manchester, England, on September 8, raked in an eye-watering £2 million in just two hours after tickets went on sale.
As a result, the production earned more than any other show has ever made in its first day of sales, according to The Sun newspaper.
The record-breaking ticket sales come shortly after Howard Donald revealed Jason Orange could rejoin Take That at any time.
The 46-year-old star quit the band in 2014 and his former bandmates, Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard, hope that he will return to the group one day.
Howard said: “Jason knows he could turn up today and come back.
“So, he could wake up one morning and say, ‘Do you know that I’m going to go to the opening night’, or ‘I’m going to join Take That today’.
“It’s the only way he would come back in, if he’s not asked. Once he starts getting asked he says ‘no’.”
Gary, Mark and Howard have been heavily involved with the development of the musical, but former band members Jason and Robbie Williams are also serving as executive producers on the project.
And Howard believes Jason will feel comfortable telling his former band-mates if there are elements of the eagerly-awaited production that he dislikes.
He shared: “[Robbie and Jason] were called, they went through the scripts. And Jason was in the band when we first talked about doing the musical so the idea has been growing with him.
“He’s not involved quite as much as us but if he doesn’t like it he’ll let us know.”

Source: Ohmygossip.com
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