Sting inspired by children's music taste

ICONINSIDER — Sting has been listening to his daughters’ pop music for inspiration.
The ‘Shape of My Heart’ hitmaker, former frontman of new wave rock band The Police, has just released his new single ‘50,000’, which was inspired by the late legendary singer Prince.
And Sting has revealed his music taste has adapted to those of his children, particularly his 26-year-old daughter Eliot ‘Coco’ Sumner – who he has with wife Trudy Styler – who is the singer and founder of the London group I Blame Coco.
Speaking on BBC Radio Two on Friday (07.04.17) he said: “I’m listening to my daughter – I know that sounds like nepotism but my youngest daughter Eliot Sumner has a fantastic pop song.”
In 2014, she released the EP ‘Information’, followed by the full album of the same name in 2016.
During her career she has laid vocals on the track ‘End of the Road’ by Sway and the single ‘Splash’ by Sub Focus.
She did a cover version of the Radiohead song ‘Creep’ with Clint Mansell for the soundtrack to the 2013 movie ‘Filth’.
Sting – who is also father to Joseph, 40, Fuchsia Katherine, 34, Brigitte Michael, 33, Jake, 31, and Giacomo Luke, 21, from previous relationships – can spot some of his own influences in Eliot’s music whilst his son, Joseph, who is a member of band Fiction Plane, has joined him on tour.
He continued: “I’m fascinated by it because I recognise some of the DNA in it and there some of it that I have no idea where it comes from lyrically, harmonically, so she’s very interesting. I’m incredibly proud. I’ve also got my eldest son [Joseph] on the road with me he’s singing a couple of songs so it’s a family affair.”
Joseph’s band Fiction Plane was previously the opening act for The Police on their 2007 reunion tour.

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