Stephanie Waring and Michael Greco split

ICONINSIDER — Stephanie Waring and Michael Greco have split up.
The ‘Hollyoaks’ beauty – who portrays Cindy Cunningham – started dating the former ‘EastEnders’ star, who played Beppe di Marco, last year but their relationship has reportedly ended because he wasn’t ready to settle down.
A source told The Sun Online: “Michael loves a night out and is a bit of a party boy, but Steph is more of a homebody.
“She was really keen for them to settle down and set up home together, but it was just too much too fast for him.
“Steph is pretty cut up about it, she really liked him and hoped that their relationship would last the distance.”
It was previously claimed that Stephanie, 39 and 46-year-old Michael had also dated briefly for a few months before splitting up and reuniting last year.
And they went public with their relationship just weeks after she revealed how hard it is being a full-time actress and a single mother to daughters Mia, 10, and Lexi, six.
She wrote alongside a photograph of her daughters: “See these two beautiful faces.. They are my girls! I have been a mother for 10 years.. Before this I had no idea what was to lie before me, the challenges I would have to face, the comprises I would have to make, to let go of my freedom of being a carefree 20 something actress that needed to be here there everywhere at the drop of a hat.. I was never a girl who cared much for responsibility so I didn’t have any.
“But then the day came when I gave birth to my first, Mia.. I was then faced with the reality that my life had changed and it wasn’t just about me anymore. Being a single mother and holding down a full time job on a soap was and still is a challenge in itself and now I don’t just have Mia I have my youngest Lexi as well. I do my best, I try my best but I’m not perfect, I feel like I get it wrong sometimes but there is no hand book, no right way of being a parent, there are no set of rules, there isn’t one way of doing it, people will tell you you’re doing it wrong that their way is best..
“No one can do it right all the time no one can have it all, if you are winning at work then you will be failing at home, if you are on top of everything at home then work isn’t getting your full attention the two go hand in hand. It’s a juggling act, a routine that sometimes doesn’t go to plan, I have no nanny, no cleaner, no partner to help, I am on my own and it’s bloody hard, working a 12hr day and getting the Hoover out is not my top priority at the end of the day but then I berate myself when I do get home from work and I have missed so much of my kids day! The amount of food I have thrown away because my girls have been close to tears and would rather starve than eat their greens then it feels like it’s down to me and I’m the one who feels like a failure.
“Any single parent who is ever made to feel like they are failing should look at their child and if they are happy and loved then you are not a failure you are doing it right, your way!
“Never feel guilty! I look at my girls they are happy and loved and that is enough for me to know that I am doing it right, my way (sic).”

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