Sir Mick Jagger's son says his father's fame doesn't help him when flirting

ICONINSIDER — Sir Mick Jagger’s son says his father’s fame doesn’t help him when he is trying to flirt.
Although Lucas Jagger, 17, whose mother is Brazilian TV host Luciana Gimenez, is close to his Rolling Stones rocker father, he is unfazed by his celebrity and says none of his friends care either.
Speaking to the website UOL, Lucas said: “I’ve been studying at the same school since I was three years old, I know everyone and there are only very few people. Nobody cares [about my dad’s fame].”
And although Lucas likes playing the drums, he doesn’t plan to follow in his father’s musical footsteps.
He said: “I have been playing drums since I was six years old, but it’s nothing special, because anyone who wants to be a musician has known since they were a kid. A very cool thing about my family in general is that everyone is very open minded. They don’t say we need to do this or that, because their parents didn’t say it. My father has not said anything and always will support me in anything.”
Lucas is almost finished high school but isn’t sure what he will study at university.
He said: “I do not know much yet, I have more almost two years of school [to finish], but I know that I am not a big fan of traditional things in the school, like mathematics.”
And although he is proud of his father, Lucas admitted he prefers to listen to rappers rather than The Rolling Stones.
He said: “I like Drake and the Arctic Monkeys, I went to Eminem’s concert last year and I liked it too.
“I like [The Rolling Stones], I appreciate them, but it’s not like [from my time] but I listen”.

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