Shay Mitchell: 'Festival season is all about fun hair, fun make-up'

ICONINSIDER — Shay Mitchell believes the festival season allows her to experiment with “fun” hair and make-up.
The 29-year-old actress has opened up about the best styles for the upcoming summer period filled with music festivals, and she thinks changing your daily beauty routine and channelling a new aesthetic, which someone would not “normally” do, is the best thing for the forthcoming gigs.
Speaking in a YouTube shared on her personal account, which sees her and make-up artist Ariel Tejada demonstrate how to create a bold beauty look appropriate for summer ceremonies, she said: “We think that this festival season is all about fun hair, fun make-up and just experimenting with things you may not normally do on a regular basis.
“Ariel and I have been working [together] for a while.”
In the clip Ariel transforms the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ star into a “unicorn barbie”, which sees her adorn bright pink eyeshadow and an electric blue liner, with a nude lipstick and a dot pattern travelling from her forehead to the top of her nose.
Speaking about the cosmetic products used, the beauty expert said: “I am going to be taking a transition colour from the Kylie [Jenner] Royal Peach palette. You always want to start with one colour that will helps all of your other colours transition, and it’s so harsh when you have one colour going throughout your lid. From the same Kylie Royal Peach Palette I am going to go in with Sorbet. I think I am going to do a transition of peach and pinks on the lid and then a pop of colour on the bottom.
“The fun thing with the festivals look you don’t have to be accurate with everything.”
Ariel also used the Iconic London Illuminator, Say Me Beauty in number 5.1, Nars concealer as well as the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate product to brighten the brunette beauty’s complexion, which the star “loves” to use on a regular basis.
She said: “I do love his palette.”
Shay shared the final outcome of her make-over on her Instagram account.
She captioned the post: “Wanted to turn into my most favorite, magical thing for this weeks #youtubeshay … a unicorn check out my unicorn inspired Coachella makeup video up now!!! Thanks to @makeupariel !… and check back next week to get the hair tutorial (sic).”

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