Selena Gomez gets The Weeknd's family's seal of approval

ICONINSIDER — Selena Gomez has been given the seal of approval by The Weeknd’s mother and grandmother.
The ‘Come and Get It’ hitmaker recently visited Toronto with her boyfriend – whose real name is Abel Tesfaye – and he took the opportunity whilst in his hometown to introduce the brunette beauty to his loved ones, and was relieved they all got along well.
A source said: “He was thrilled for Selena to meet his family. They instantly took to Selena and they like her very much. They thought she was surprisingly down-to-earth and very friendly.”
And with the 27-year-old singer keen to establish a base back in Canada, he was thrilled Selena, 24, had a great time on the trip.
The source told heat magazine: “Abel also wanted to make sure Selena was able to relax in Toronto, as he’s always wanted to have a home there.
“She proved to him that she can hang, deal with cold weather, relax, the whole thing. He loves her glamorous side but this Selena is the one who sealed the deal.”
The couple have done plenty of globetrotting since confirming their relationship in January, having been spotted together in a host of glamorous locations, including Florence and Paris.
And their “chemistry” can apparently be traced back to the time they spent together in the recording studio.
A source previously said: “They really clicked musically when they were working on a song together.
“Their chemistry was off the charts and she’s really into him.”
Last week, meanwhile, The Weeknd rented out a whole cinema for a date with Selena.
The ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ singer and the brunette beauty kept themselves to themselves by hiring out an entire movie theatre to watch ‘Get Out’.
An assistant reportedly went to the theatre earlier in the day to book the experience, which would have cost them about $1,500 plus tax.
When it came to the evening, the duo arrived before the 9.45pm start and were ushered into the building in a service elevator.
An eyewitness said: “She was super cute with him … arms around his neck.”

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