Scarlett Johansson: Motherhood hasn't changed my working life

ICONINSIDER — Scarlett Johansson insists motherhood hasn’t changed her working life.
The ‘Ghost in the Shell’ actress – who has two-year-old daughter Rose with estranged husband Romain Dauriac – is thankful her little girl is still young enough to adapt to her movie career, but knows it might not always be so easy.
She said: “I have a job that’s very advantageous in that way. I can parent and then go do the scene and go back and parent.
“There’s a bit of back and forth, but it works.
“[Has it changed what work I do?] It hasn’t but it might in a few years. Again, it’s a job that works with you.
“I have a freedom that others don’t, so I’m grateful.”
And though the 32-year-old actress’ daughter is too young to watch any of her movies just yet, Scarlett is mindful of the fact she will want to see them one day so wants to set a good example as a working mother.
She told OK! magazine: “She won’t be seeing this for a long, long time. I’m not sure how much of an impact it’s making right now, but absolutely, in the future, I want her to know and absorb the lesson of working hard, going for your dreams and making it happen.”
Meanwhile, although the ‘Lucy’ actress is proud of her action roles on screen and likes to think of herself as a “badass”, Scarlett is unsure of how well she’d handle herself in real life.
She said: “In my mind, I could take on anyone. On set, I think I’m the biggest badass ever.
“But if someone catches me off guard and tries to mug me, I’ll probably forget everything I’ve learned and just run.”

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