Sadie Frost and daughter Iris Law enjoy yoga retreat in India

ICONINSIDER — Sadie Frost and her daughter Iris Law recently enjoyed a yoga retreat in India.
The 51-year-old actress has admitted she doesn’t “pressure” her brood to eat well, although her and her 16-year-old daughter – who she has with her former partner Jude Law – went on a relaxing getaway where the budding model exercised and learnt how to live a healthier lifestyle.
Speaking on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ on Thursday (27.04.17), the brunette beauty – who also has sons Rafferty, 20, Finlay, 26, and Rudy, 14, – said: “You don’t want to ever force or pressure them [your children to do something], I don’t want to make Iris do anything she doesn’t want to do, but I plant the seed. So we just went away to India and did a yoga retreat together, and she only did a couple of classes but it was just the fact she was there and she’s watching people, and she’s seeing how to eat healthy. She doesn’t eat fast food, she eats healthy vegetables, she sees how we eat.”
And the ‘Shoot on Sight’ star has revealed she has started to practice yoga, and will give herself 20 minutes of alone time every morning, which will see her complete various breathing exercises, to help prepare her for the day ahead.
She explained: “I’ve been searching all my life to in a piece of mind, having a busy, crazy, mental activity, not being able to concentrate, settle, wanting to have a family, be a businesswoman and do all the things I do I kind of had to work hard at finding things and tips that would calm me in the morning to get me through the day.
“You know what it’s like having children and having to multi-task. So, I have simple things like breathing – learning how to breathe properly – and simple [things] just having that time to yourself, it doesn’t have to be an hour or two hours of exercise, I’m saying get up 20 minutes before the kids get up in the morning you have to do certain things that are for you, that will re-set me to be able to get through my day.
“I have to work really hard at it by doing yoga and exercise, and with meditation and with breathing. I haven’t got the answer I have just got to work at it.”

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