Ryan Reynolds reveals his Alien ambition

ICONINSIDER — Ryan Reynolds wants to remake ‘Alien’ with himself in Sigourney Weaver’s role.
The 40-year-old actor insists his new sci-fi saga ‘Life’ isn’t very similar to Sir Ridley Scott’s famous franchise apart from the subject matter, but he could see himself portraying the actress’ iconic character Ellen Ripley.
Asked about the comparisons, he told heat magazine: “This isn’t Sigourney Weaver, ‘Get away from her you b***h’ territory. Although, my God, to have my own take on Ripley – I think I’d make a good Ripley.
“I’m tall, I could maybe work one of those mechanical crane robots if she showed me. Yeah. I could see it…
“This isn’t extra-terrestrial ravenous xenomorph boards spaceships and slaughters everyone. Which I’m all for.
“Here, this creature is trying to survive. It’s encountered the scariest alien of all – humans.
“It’s basically being abducted by aliens, us, and is reacting to that. And this guy can defend himself.”
Ryan thinks the film is “very different” for a sci-fi movie, but he embraces the “unexpected” in his movies.
He said: “It’s a very different type of movie in this type of genre and, you know, having already encountered that with ‘Deadpool’, I like the unexpected – I admire the unexpected in movies, that’s what movie creativity should be about.
“That should be the backbone – having the guts to show the audience something they won’t be expecting.
“With ‘Life’, there’s no set-out pattern, no expectation that, just because your name is over the credits, that makes you safe.
“You don’t know what, which, where is going to happen, and that’s a huge appeal for me. Not only as an actor, but an audience member too.”

Source: Ohmygossip.com
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