Phillip Schofield lives with his old fury friend Gordon the Gopher

ICONINSIDER — Phillip Schofield has found his long lost pal Gordon the Gopher living in his house.
The 55-year-old presenter was reunited with his former ‘Going Live!’ co-host Sarah Greene on ‘This Morning’ on Tuesday (04.04.17) for the first time in 24 years when she stood in for his regular sofa partner Holly Willoughby who was still off sick.
To complete the ‘Going Live!’ reunion Phillip revealed that he’s also been reunited with his squeaky voiced sidekick Gordon after he found him living in a box under his stairs.
Speaking about the reunion, he spilled: “I went under the stairs and I hadn’t been down there for ages and I found an old wicker basket opened it up and do you know what I found in there? I found the original Gordon the Gopher. That is the very original, look it’s naked!”
Phillip then shared a photo of Gordon – whom he first starred with on Children’s BBC continuity programme ‘The Broom Cupboard’ between 1985 and 1987 – with viewers of the daytime show.
Sarah, who presented ‘Going Live!’ alongside Phillip between 1987 and 1993, said: “Go and put your clothes on Gordon!”
Phillip and Sarah opened ‘This Morning’ with the introduction to ‘Going Live!’ and then the 58-year-old blonde said: “Are you in a time warp? I’m in a time warp but what’s weird is Phil, it doesn’t feel weird.”
Phillip then replied: “No it doesn’t. I just looked down and [my hair] is a different colour but you look exactly the same.”
The nostalgia feel of the unique ‘This Morning’ episode got fans very excited with one even launching a petition to bring back Gordon the Gopher for an on-screen reunion.
And the ‘Going Live!’ reunion was further complete when Trevor Neal – one half of the Saturday morning kids’ show’s comedy duo Trevor and Simon – phoned in for a catch up with Phillip and Sarah.
‘Going Live!’ celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and Sarah had admitted she like to do a full episode with everyone involved to celebrate the landmark date.
Speaking to Best magazine, she said: “We could host a ‘This Morning’/’Going Live!’ mash-up to celebrate! Break Gordon the Gopher out of rehab, bring back Trevor and Simon. It’d be hilarious to co-host with Phillip. We’re still good friends.”

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