Nikki Bella taking indefinite break

ICONINSIDER — Nikki Bella is taking a break from wrestling as she has a “slight brain herniation”.
The ‘Total Divas’ star had to take time out from the ring after undergoing neck surgery in January 2016, and always knew she would “never” be able to wrestle full time again.
But she has now confirmed she needs an indefinite break from the sport after doctors discovered a new medical proble,
She told E! News: “I knew from that moment that when I make a comeback that I’d never be a full-time wrestler. And when I came back to WWE, the WWE knew that.
“Recently I had to get MRIs and CT scans and we realised that I have a slight brain herniation above where I had surgery which isn’t good which means I have to take time off and I have to heal.
“And hopefully when that heals, if it does, I can get back in the ring. I pray that it won’t be a long time but I don’t know. It’s in God’s hands.”
Nikki was proposed to by long-term boyfriend John Cena after their tag team match at WrestleMania 33 at the weekend and she admitted it meant so much more to her because she knew the event could be her last appearance.
She said: “I knew when I walked down that ramp at WrestleMania, that could be my last.
“Having that match, I knew that could be my last. It’s kind of ironic because here maybe one door was closing and then I get proposed to and another door’s opening.
“And it’s kind of crazy how the world works. But that’s why it meant so much to me being proposed to in that ring, is that’s John and I’s home, that’s where we met.
“It’s where we’ve grow up, it’s our life and that’s our family there. So I just hope one day I can make it back into that ring.”

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