Nicole Richie won't leave the house before a full-on moisturising

ICONINSIDER — Nicole Richie won’t leave the house until she’s moisturised her entire.
The 35-year-old American fashion designer says her mother Brenda Harvey – the ex-wife of her adoptive father Lionel Richie – gave her the best beauty advice she’s ever received which is to always rub lotion into your skin at the start of each day.
Nicole explained: “My mom is from the South, and she is not playing around when it comes to lotion – her skin is like velvet. The way she raised me, you never left the house without lotion everywhere. That’s how I am too. I have a friend who has really dry skin, and every time I go see her, I’ll take a heavy CeraVe cream with me and lotion up her elbows. They are so dry.”
Nicole, herself, suffers from very dry skin and has to keep it hydrated so she avoids wearing too much make up.
She said: “I want to avoid clogging my pores, so I try not to wear a lot of makeup. When I don’t have to be out or working, I don’t put on any at all, except Clé de Peau Beauté concealer to cover up my dark circles.”
Speaking about her beauty regime she told the new issue of InStyle magazine: “On my face I use Biologique Recherche products; face wash, serum, and moisturiser every day, and a mask a few times a week. In the shower I exfoliate with gloves. I make a scrub with sugar and cucumbers from my garden in the summer, but in the winter I’ll use whatever I can find. Then I put grape-seed oil (Whole Foods’ 365 brand, but any will do) all over my body and the thick yellow Kiehl’s cream over that. I’m a Virgo – I like to stay very organised. I have two trays on my vanity: one for body and hair products and one for my face. They are crowded but not too cluttered.”
And although the blonde beauty has a dermatologist called Harold Lancer, she only visits him once in a while for a facial as messing with her skin and hair makes it “freak out”.
She explained: “I have to give it breaks and room to breathe. Also, if I’m not eating well and drinking water, I’ll break out in one second.”
But one thing she has learnt over the years is the benefits of wearing sunscreen.
She added: “As far as sunscreen goes, I’ve gotten so many confusing messages over the years. I’m of mixed race, so I spent 25 years thinking the rules didn’t apply to me. But I definitely need to start wearing sunscreen more. I’m not amazing at it – having sun is like drinking water to me, and my body really loves it. I have started wearing hats to protect my face.”

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