Michael Kors opens up about unusual male bodysuit garment

ICONINSIDER — Michael Kors once made body suits for men.
The 57-year-old fashion designer – who launched his eponymous fashion label in 1981 – has revealed he created a unique all in one piece, which blended a shirt into Y-front briefs because he wanted to find an alternative for men who tucked the garment into their underwear.
Speaking in a game of Fact or Fiction with Blake Lively for Glamour magazine, the creative mastermind asked: “I once designed bodysuits for men.”
To which the former ‘Gossip Girl’ star replied: “Fact.”
The mogul then explained his inspiration behind the innovative design.
He said: “Guys always tuck their shirts into their underwear. And I thought wouldn’t it be the coolest, smartest idea in the world to actually attach your shirt to Y-front briefs.”
However the entrepreneur has revealed there was a danger of having a wardrobe malfunction with the product, which would undo if someone waved their hands in the air too quickly or vigorously.
He explained: “So we had snaps at the bottom of the Y-front briefs, so if you raised your arm too quickly they’d snap.”
And Michael has revealed he decided on the name of the fashion house at a young age, and he has revealed there was a point when he could have risked naming his fashion house Chooch Anderson.
He said: “I chose the name Michael Kors when I was five, or else my company would be called Chooch Anderson. It’s fact.”
However, the 29-year-old actress believes Michael could use the name for a “side brand” in the future.
She joked: “I think you could have a side brand called Chooch, like a lingerie line called Chooch.”
Meanwhile, Michael praised Blake during the quick fire round and has credited her as having “amazing hair and style”.
He said: “Blake and I have been friends for a long time and she always makes me laugh.
“I knew our fans would enjoy learning more about her and she definitely has a competitive side so inviting her to be a part of ‘Glamour Games’ was really a no-brainer.
“Her sense of humour and sunny disposition are infectious. I think the video will make people everywhere smile.
“She brings charm and optimism, not to mention amazing hair and style, to everything she does.”

Source: Ohmygossip.com
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