Meghan Trainor: Daryl Sabara learnt sign language for me

ICONINSIDER — Meghan Trainor’s boyfriend learnt sign language so he could understand her when she was on vocal rest after surgery.
The 23-year-old singer underwent vocal surgery last year for a second time after previously having a haemorrhaged vocal chord repaired in 2015, and has praised her partner Daryl Sabara for learning the hand gestures so he could still communicate with her.
Speaking during an appearance on ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show’ on Friday (07.04.17), the ‘All About That Bass’ hitmaker said: “I really couldn’t talk since December. It was like three months of vocal rest and then we decided, ‘Let’s get the surgery before ‘Ellen’. It was tough.
“The real trooper was my boyfriend because he learned sign language for me. I would spell out words for him. He just stuck with me through it. He was great … He’s better than whatever I wished for.”
It isn’t the first time the ‘Dear Future Husband’ singer has gushed over the 24-year-old ‘Spy Kids’ actor either, as she previously credited him with helping her feel more confident with her body.
She said: “I never really felt sexy with guys before. No one expressed how they liked my body out loud in the bedroom until I met Daryl. He is obsessed with it – every inch. And that has improved my confidence more than even ‘[All About That] Bass’ did. He’s a champion, so we’re in heaven.”
Meghan was smitten with Daryl as soon as they met and they shared a kiss on their first date, which involved bowling and karaoke.
She recalled: “We went on a double date – bowling and karaoke. He kissed me at the bowling alley.
“I told my security to step outside ’cause I didn’t want to be watched. LOL. He was the best kisser ever. I know I’m really good at kissing, but I was shocked when he was. (sic)”
Meanwhile, the ‘NO’ musician admitted in December that she was “in love” with Daryl after just five months of dating.
She gushed: “I’m in love! I just had my five month anniversary yesterday.
“We went out to dinner and we did puzzles because I love doing puzzles lately. He bought me three special cool puzzles that are like 3D and we spent the day just chilling. It was awesome.”

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