Martin Kemp sparks rumours he is to return to EastEnders?

ICONINSIDER — Martin Kemp has hinted that he could be returning to ‘EastEnders’.
The 55-year-old actor – who starred in the BBC soap as villain Steve Owen from 1998 and saw him involved in unforgettable story lines including killing his partner Saskia Duncan and being a suspect in the shooting of Phil Mitchell – said he “wouldn’t say no” to returning to the soap, despite his character before being killed off in 2002 in a car crash.
Revealing how he could be making a sensation return to a TV show, he said: “I was just asked to be in one recently, but I can’t tell you which one!”
And when asked further which soap he would love to work on, he told the Daily Express Online: “I had a great time on ‘EastEnders’, I would never say no to anything. I would never sit here and say, ‘I would never do that’.”
And the Spandau Ballet star – who also starred in 2003’s ‘The Brides in the Bath’ and 2004’s ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ before recently appearing on Gary Barlow’s ‘Let It Shine’ talent show as a judge – insisted he doesn’t know what work he has coming up but said it was all part of the “excitement”.
He said: “Most of the fun that comes in this business is not knowing what’s around the corner, not knowing what the next email is, so I always look at something when it comes and think how much fun can I get out of that and that’s the excitement of doing what I do.”
And while Martin is yet to confirm any future TV work, the star is looking forward to spending some quiet quality time with his wife Shirlie Holliman for the pair’s upcoming 30th anniversary.
He told The Daily Mail newspaper: ”At the most, if you’re talking about me and Shirley on our anniversary, it will be me and Shirley going out for a nice dinner together. I’ve never thrown a big party in my life.”

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