Louis Tomlinson won't be charged over alleged airport attack?

ICONINSIDER — Louis Tomlinson will reportedly not be charged over an alleged attack on a photographer in March.
The ‘Just Hold On’ hitmaker has said to have been asked to attend the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office for an informal hearing, where both parties are asked to share their version of the story whilst an officer presides over the meeting and offers them advice on how they should act in the future.
Following the airport scuffle, sources say staff members at Los Angeles’ LAX airport have told police that Louis didn’t mean to hit the member of the paparazzi or the woman, who employees say was attacking his girlfriend Eleanor Calder at the time.
The hearing will be held at the end of this month, according to TMZ.
It comes after a lawyer for the One Direction singer claimed Louis had been “provoked” and blamed photographers for the incident.
Lawyer Martin Singer said: “This is not the first or last time that a paparazzi has created an altercation with a celebrity. While the altercation was going on with the paparazzi, three other individuals were attacking his girlfriend during this incident and he came to her defence.”
And a previously-leaked arrest report revealed Louis was observed to have “fresh abrasions” on both his hands following the row.
It read: “Susp Tomlinson grabbed vict. Larsen’s leg and caused him to fall backwards, then struck vict. Becerra in the eye. (sic)
LAPD Officer Tran wrote: “I asked Susp. Tomlinson if he recalled ever making any physical contact with Becerra Herrera. Tomlinson stated that he placed his hands on Becerra Herrera and in a pushing motion, pushed Becerra Herrera off of Calder and grabbed Calder to pull her away from Becerra Herrera.
“Officer Chen asked Tomlinson if he recalled sweeping Larsen’s legs causing him to fall to the ground. Tomlinson said, ‘I may have taken him down, I’m not sure, but I remember we both fell to the floor.’ While interviewing Tomlinson, we observed fresh abrasions on Tomlinson’s both hand knuckles.”

Source: Ohmygossip.com
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