Lisa Snowdon’s indecision

ICONINSIDER — Lisa Snowdon “can’t decide” what sort of wedding she wants.
The 45-year-old model got engaged to George Smart in December after over a year of dating and though the couple are excited to be engaged, they haven’t started planning their nuptials yet.
She said: “[I’ve planned] nothing. We’re taking each day as it comes. We can’t decide what we want to do, to be honest.
“Should we have a big wedding? Should we have a small wedding? Should we run away just the two of us? We don’t know yet. We’re just enjoying being engaged.”
But one thing the couple are excited about is the prospect of going on honeymoon together.
Lisa said: “George is a great travel partner – we’re totally in sync. Wherever we go, it’ll be somewhere we both haven’t gone before and that will be exciting.”
Though the brunette beauty is determined to look her best on her wedding day, she doesn’t want to be a “nutty” bridezilla.
She added:” Everyone wants to look lovely in their wedding pictures. I don’t want to turn into bridezilla and be completely nutty, but I think just taking care of myself leading up to the wedding is how I’m going to approach it. I’ll exercise and do lots of facials. You’ve got to look gorgeous, glowing, and healthy.”
Lisa and George, 37, have agreed not to have children after lengthy discussions and though the radio presenter used to want a family of her own, she’s learned to appreciate the people she has in her life.
She told OK! magazine: “It was a joint decision. George isn’t really bothered about having children and it’s something I’ve thought about over time, but I haven’t ever been in the right situation with the right person.
“I’m 45 now, so to do it naturally is very unlikely. It wasn’t a quick, rash decision and it was something we discussed and thought about a lot.
“I’m blessed with the love and the children I’ve got in my life – nieces, nephews and goddaughters. Sometimes it’s good to take stock and appreciate what you’ve got and make the most of the now, rather than going down that road which doesn’t seem right for us.”

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