Kimberly Wyatt's daughter wants a sister

ICONINSIDER — Kimberly Wyatt’s daughter wants a baby sister.
The former Pussycat Dolls singer and her husband Max Rogers are expecting their second child together, and though they are not telling people the gender of the tot, two-year-old Willow is hoping for a girl.
Kimberly said: “She’s adamant she’s getting a baby sister and there’s no telling her otherwise…
“We always wanted Willow to have a sibling and really hoped they would be as close in age as possible, although you don’t always get to choose when these things happen.”
Since getting pregnant, Kimberly has found Willow wants to be closer to her and is more affectionate.
She said: “She definitely senses there’s a change coming because she wants to be close to me more, but I have to admit I love that – I’ll take as many cuddles as I can get.
“I think she’s going to be a brilliant mummy’s little helper with the baby though and I’m so excited to see it happen and watch their bond grow.”
The 35-year-old beauty has found this pregnancy “very different” to her first as she’s had a lot of morning sickness.
She said: “It’s been a very different pregnancy to when I was expecting Willow.
“Those weeks when I was feeling so nauseous all the time were tough, especially having a lively toddler to take care of too.”
But Kimberly has found fizzy drinks helped take the edge off her nausea.
She told Britain’s HELLO! magazine: “Not the healthiest choice. Although I found this brand called Cawston Press, which is more natural. More recently I’ve been craving meringues.”

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